IPMA C Level

With the IPMA C-certificate, you demonstrate both a good theoretical knowledge of project management and the capacity to support the project manager of complex projects. The IPMA C track allows you to view projects in a professional manner, with the aim of raising your project management to a higher level, and to sign up for the IPMA C-assessment track, you need a valid IPMA C-theory certificate. Information about the course can be found on IPMA C-assessment (opens in new window)

Basic Price € 1400-

Price at IPMA Membership € 1350,-

21% V.A.T. is not included in these fees. Before signing up, check that your billing information (new tab) is still correct and adjust it if necessary.

You are required to complete the course trajectory – including resits – within 18 months of obtaining the IPMA C-theory certificate.